International Push Hands Meeting in Linz Austria 2017

Date: 25. – 26. Feb. 2017; Time 9:30 – 12:30, 14:00 – 17:00

It will be a friendly meeting to learn and refine the Tuishou Partner-work. In the morning there will be two workshops and in the afternoon it is the time for the free Partner-work. It is done in a playful manner, open for Beginners as well every level of experience.

Workshops guided by;
Thomas Juul Dyhr (Denmark), 18 years of intense training in Neijia, Qigong, Daoist and Buddhist Meditation, Student of Master Sam Tam. Websites:

Marlon Hofbauer Taiji teacher and student in the line of Huang Sheng Shyan, main influence by Wee Kee Jin, and Alois Riedler a Senior Student of Patrick Kelly. Further good impulses I got from a visit at the Malayan and Singapur Huang Taiji Schools, as well from Teacher Sam Tam.

Fixed Pattern Partnerwork as Wee Kee Jin teaches with focus on sticking, yielding and follow no resistance no disconnection. Loosening exercises for cultivating whole body connection. Fajin releasing the relaxed elastic force.

Taiji Partner Exercise – Learn to move effortlessly with integrity and awareness Ting jin with the 3 Basic Circles of Push hands.

Registration and Info:Marlon Haufbauer
Marlon Haufbauer +43 0660/5332959 or email

Workshops will be taught in German and English.
Venue: Raimundstraße 23,: Lenaupark, Linz, Austria
Cost: Euro 100,–

All participants of the workshop are self-responsible. In case of accidents no liability is taken on.

pushhands-meeting-english (pdf)
pushhands-treffen-deutsch (pdf)

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