Freedom, Energy and Harmoni

heaven and earth wide

“The use of No force”

— Learn and embody the universal principles of Taiji, Qigong and Meditation —


  • Sitting Meditation – learn simple and natural meditation for health and spiritual enlightenment.
  • Wuji Qigong – the mother of Taiji: fuse your body, breathing and mind into one.
  • Soaring Crane Qigong – heal your self, get rid of your bad energy and get the upright Yang Qi.
  • Standing Meditation Qigong – attain structural integrity, boost your energy and firm your mind developing the elastic frame.
  • Moving Qigong: Lifting the Universe – learn to sink, shift and move while being coordinated in body, breath and mind.
  • Loosening Exercises – learn how to loosen and limber up your body effortlessly.
  • Silk Weaving Exercises – Learn to move, receive, store and release energy.
  • Taiji Partner Exercies – Learn to move effortlessly with integrity and awareness “Ting jin” with the 3 Basic Circles of Push hands.
  • Fajin – learn how to release the elastic force of “Pang jin”.

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Teacher: Thomas Juul Dyhr

More than 20 years of intense training in Neijia, Qigong, Daoist and Buddhist Meditation, Student of Master Sam Tam of Canada.

Contact info:
+45 22 21 11 15