I recommend him to anyone who would like to learn Qigong

I first met Thomas when I did my PhD in Copenhagen. He had just started teaching an introductory Qi Gong class in the international student house there.
From the first class onwards I felt at home with him and his approach and stayed in the class for more than two years, until I left Copenhagen. Thomas was gentle and relaxed in a genuine and wholesome way, an authentic person whom I very much enjoyed to be around. He cared about everyone in the class and created a safe space for playful exploration and learning. I looked forward to every class. Over time, the circle of members learning and practicing Qi Gong turned into a group of friends, good friends. I think that was amazing and beautiful. I am very grateful for having met Thomas and cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone who would like to learn and practice Qi Gong or simply surround themselves with a very authentic, humane and kind person.


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